Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Amazing woman & business...

Just wanted to share this amazing woman’s work with you – I came across her online and downloaded her free Blogging Biz Star Workbook, which is just fantastic. I've been so inspired by the work she does, that I've become an affiliate of hers - I'm that impressed with her! She’s offering up the most generous, powerful, inspired & transformational training resources - as a part of the Amazing Biz + Life Academy - for half price until the end of the month, so I really felt compelled to share it far and wide.

“Leonie Dawson is a mentor to women wanting to create + grow massively successful and heart-centered creative + soulful businesses. She is also an author, retreat leader, visual artist, mama and guide for the tens of thousands who receive her free “AMAZING BIZ + AMAZING LIFE” eZine each week. Leonie has taught alongside such luminaries as Arielle Ford, Julia Cameron, Gay Hendricks and SARK. Leonie has coached tens of thousands of women to create their own incredible lives and businesses”.

What really touched me about Leonie is her wonderful mix of humour, kindness, business savvy and honesty that she exudes with every email and interaction. If you’re a woman in business or you run a blog, I think this offer is incredible and well worth it. Hoping to be able to afford to do it myself before the price doubles! 

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